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Meraki means to put your heart soul and creativity into what you love to do.

Business owners and managers wear many hats to keep the dream alive within their organizations. Constantly moving from task to task keeps you from truly enjoying the work you initial set out to do! The professionals at Meraki know and understand just how easy it is to get caught up in the current of business operations. This is where finely tuned consulting, coaching, and training makes a major impact on the success of your organization and ability to truly manage and lead a team.

Consulting: Every organization has gaps in operations and strategy – especially as they grow, scale, and overcome new obstacles. Working with a Meraki consultant will help identify those gaps and execute a customized strategy that ensures success. We offer business plan writing services for businesses at all stages and business process modeling for high-level operational evaluation, training, and strategy development. Hire a Meraki consultant.

Coaching: Working with an experienced business coach is the definitive tool to achieve the level of success you want. Keenly strategizing your approach and refining it with a seasoned thought partner will allow you to overcome barriers faster, avoid potential pitfalls, stay ahead of your competition, and focus on the type of professional growth you deserve. You will work with our founder & CEO Brian Zingo one-on-one and develop an individual road map that links your goals with the right massive actions to accomplish more in less time. Get started with coaching here

Training: Growing and building your business takes the right training. Meraki offers the best in online and in person training for you and your team. Being a Meraki Business Academy student means you will know how to:

  • Grow you revenue through Customer Service

  • Start your business and write your own business plan

  • Build and manage a winning team

  • Tap into your customer’s psychology

  • Master customer relations

  • Develop a customer-centric staff

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The most successful businesses were not created in a day. Becoming knowledgeable on the processes of the business world takes a lot of time and patience for even the most natural According to CNBC's featured blog by Real Estate Mogul Grant Cardone, "Successful people invest time, energy, and money in improving themselves." Grant says he invested in training courses at age 25 that 'That made his income-producing ability skyrocket'


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"In most cases, we're only one lesson away from achieving our goals"  - Brian Zingo

Requirements to work with us

  • A strong desire to better yourself and your business

  • A willingness to be open to a change of process

  • An understanding of financially investing in yourself

  • Strong will to stay dedicated to the plan(s) proposed

  • An open availability for schedule meetings and talks

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