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We Train People, Businesses, And Organizations And Provide Measurable Results

What We Do

We help train people, businesses and organizations  on how to effectively take a strong step forward with customized consulting services. ​

With each client, we take an individualized approach that fits their specific needs and delivers measurable results.

We work with businesses, foundations, government agencies, and non-profits to bring strategic clarity and customized consulting solutions.

A Word From Our Founder


Hi, I'm very glad you are here and eager to learn more about how to improve your business through life changing shifts in thinking and strategy.

Meraki means to put your heart soul and creativity into what you love to do and I believe that is why we are here. True living begins where our lives and work intersect with fulfillment and I believe that we all desire to turn that dream into a reality.

Meraki is our road map and we have built meaningful content to ensure the original dream is still the #1 target. I look forward to working with you and your team to take full advantage of the opportunity that lies waiting within your organization! 


Master of Business Administration - Indiana University

Master of Administrative Leadership - University of Oklahoma

Doctor of Philosophy (in progress) in Global Leadership- Indiana Tech University

Focused Training On 3 Aspects

Customer Service

Learn what good customer service is and why implementing it can yield great referrals and repeat customers

Client Retention

There's a specific set of things to do to not only gain clients, but also keep them satisfied. Let us teach you.

Business Development

Training on how to structure a business from beginning to end. Let Meraki teach you the fundamentals.

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