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We help train people, businesses and organizations  on how to effectively take a strong step forward with customized consulting services. ​

With each client, we take an individualized approach that fits their specific needs and delivers measurable results.

We work with businesses, foundations, government agencies, and non-profits to bring strategic clarity and customized consulting solution

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Brian Zingo

Founder & CEO of Meraki Business Academy

Hi, I'm very glad you are here and eager to learn more about how to improve your business through life changing shifts in thinking and strategy.

Meraki means to put something of yourself into what you’re doing – we translate this to putting your whole heart, emotions, and desires into building the dynamic and unique organization you envision and deserve. This founding principle along with our company philosophy to deliver more value than what people pay for is a powerful combination that has proven to make a powerful impact on the lives and success of our clients. We offer services that allow business owners and managers to pour their whole hearts into massive goals that translate into growth, opportunity, and fulfillment.

Meraki is our road map and we have built meaningful content to ensure the original dream is still the #1 target. I look forward to working with you and your team to take full advantage of the opportunity that lies waiting within your organization! 

- Brian M. Zingo


Bachelor of Science – University of Oklahoma

Master of Business Administration – Indiana University

Master of Arts, Organizational Leadership – University of Oklahoma

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Self Improvement

The most successful businesses were not created in a day. Becoming knowledgeable on the processes of the business world takes a lot of time and patience for even the most natural According to CNBC's featured blog by Real Estate Mogul Grant Cardone, "Successful people invest time, energy, and money in improving themselves." Grant says he invested in training courses at age 25 that 'That made his income-producing ability skyrocket'


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